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By now nearly everyone is familiar with how fun and cool infographics can make virtually any piece of information. Have you ever thought about using an infographic to show off your next quarterly or annual report? You may want to give it some serious consideration. At Ripcord Digital, we believe infographics—with their emphasis on innovative visual engagement—have the potential to change the way businesses interpret and share analytic data.

We recently pitched the idea to one of our clients to let us create an analytic infographic report for them detailing their successes in 2012 versus 2011. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to utilize infographics to transform potentially inaccessible data into easily digestible nuggets of information. The result was a huge success.

Since then, we’ve been able to create infographic reports for numerous clients displaying desired KPI values. Examples of typical categories highlighted include: top traffic sources and top sites viewed, conversions, open rates, ROI, number of interest forms completed, and in some cases information regarding tracked phone calls.

Let’s face it—analytic data can be overwhelming, intimidating, or even worse: boring. Why not make your next quarterly report or comparison an infographic? So far the response from our clients has been extremely positive. With a custom infographic report, marketing teams, members of senior management, and sales department staff alike, will all be able to easily understand the current state of any and all programs tracked by analytics. Trends affecting critical initiatives are also quickly identifiable once visualized in infographic form.

In the end, all of this adds up to being able to make better, more informed decisions going forward. And that’s all anyone can ask for in a climate where uncertainty feels like the only certainty.

We’d like to thank you for reading our post on infographics for analytics. If you think your company or someone you know might be interested in engaging Ripcord Digital to create an analytic infographic, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete our ‘contact us‘ form and we will get back to you promptly.