Tax Help Made Easy - TurboTax

Ripcord Digital was tasked to design a UI for the Help Center of Turbotax.com that was simplified as well as integrated into various support functions.

We began by conducting a thorough audit of all support/help center touch points to map the user journey while identifying logical areas of need and opportunities to improve the help experience. This included reviewing data and analytics to uncover areas of high drop-off and product abandonment within the product. As well as user testing and contextual inquiries to observe users completing typical tasks and points of low confidence within the product.

The research revealed distinct areas of focus for improving the support/help experience. We identified experience attributes and synthesized them into an experience theme to guide the content strategy, interaction models, user flows and high fidelity prototypes we would further refine through user testing.

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TurboTax Help Desk by Ripcord Digital Inc.